Small Update

An update? Oh my goodness, that never happens. Not really at least. I don’t talk much about my life, mostly because I prefer to create fiction than nonfiction. But, fiction often reflects and compliments real life.

The biggest update, ZPublishing has given me the opportunity to again be featured in their America’s Emerging Writers Series for Illinois and I have also become an affiliate. They have been a pleasure to work with and the writers they feature are absolutely amazing! They have an Emerging Writers Book for every state which includes fiction, nonfiction, and poetry—which reminds me I haven’t written poetry in a few years now. Check out their books, they are definitely worth a gander. You can find them here!

Smaller update, I moved house, again! “Bigger, better things” some would say. It was bittersweet, conditions not being ideal, but I am happier personally. Still, I am continuing to look for that ideal. Finding an ideal job goes into that as well. And maybe it goes without saying, writing is definitely my passion and my love.

Also a note, mostly to keep my thoughts straight, I am trying to reclaim some of my family heritage and ethnic background. Due to my upbringing, I never explored that part of me and so I feel I am missing some of my identity. Also you may see some reference in some of my work in the future.

Take care, thank you as always for reading, and have a lovely week!



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