Who are you?

I am Chloe Vasquez, a multi genre writer. I dabble in many things but my passion is fiction writing. And food.

What made you start writing?

It was my third grade teacher who required us to write a story and illustrate it in these blank, white-paged journals. I wrote a story about aliens and made sure to cut out pictures to place on the cover and inside. She made us do this three times, if I remember right. But any story I wrote in that class, I wanted it to be the best I could make it. She helped fuel a passion that turned into a love that continues into my life.

What was your favorite class when you were younger?

I enjoyed most of my classes. My favorites would have to be English and the sciences. I actually started out studying biology and decided after that I loved writing so much more.

What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

Write and read often. I was told once a famous quote that went something like “as a writer, you need to write. If you are not writing, you need to read.” So keep writing as much as you can and become an avid reader. We learn so much from reading, both in craft and how to live.

Who are your inspirations and favorite authors?

I would not be able to place an answer for that. I certainly have those who inspire me and those I often go back to. But reading is so much more than that. To me, each author deserves attention and those who are avid readers should sample as many genres as possible.

Check out Goodreads or What should I read Next? for ideas on authors that you might like.

How often do you read? And what genres do you read more often?

As a rule, I read if I cannot write. But that doesn’t mean I don’t break the rules, because come on. I read often but there are things I enjoy aside from that. There are video games and movies which I gain so much from. But with all good things, moderation is key. As for genres, I generally stick with similar to what I write, however, it is a good idea to explore outside these to gain different perspectives.

What is your cat’s name?

My cat’s name is Tristan. I wish I had an explanation about his name, something literary maybe, but I did in fact not pick the name. I currently am apart from him, but visit when I can. I currently live with two other cats, Scarlett and Mako, and the pup’s name is Sealie.