The Flower Girl Says Her Prayer

I feel your heart by the way you fall Clasped hands, injected needle, through your call Your eyes of sea, creep into me I reach out and then you flee Beyond where I can reach Toss me, Turn me, Hurt me Burn the world with your embers, sin Turn the knife, key my heart Clasped … Continue reading The Flower Girl Says Her Prayer


"What do you think of her?" "She's beautiful. A beautiful flame burning blue. And yet, I can only see the destruction, the child causes. All for the purpose of being nice and what may be right? No. Instead, I see the thieves, they steal your fuel and how you allow them."


The bit of his axe stuck out of the side of the tree. He had been clearing the area in attempt to excise the cancer growing. He adjusts his harness and pulls his axe free. Another enchantment by the witch, the woodsman keeps at his task, now with ease.

Glass Glitters

The young woman wears her emotions outward, while the Witch swallows hers down like the most horrible tonic. The Witch helps where she is able, all while trying to learn the young woman's part. But every time they're swallowed down, glass littering the floor.