No Commitments, No Alarms

Left, left, left, my finger goes as I scroll through what my boss called the “man store”. And though I’m not looking for a man, the store description is concise.

You can find all the deals here, aside from paid subscriptions. Try for 30 days and you can still return. Warranty for 1 year, return with no questions asked. Many items are discounted because they’re blemished; blemishes may include addiction, emotional issues, and destructive personalities. Buy one, get one free! Buy one, get one 50% off! Cheap and fast! No commitments necessary. Financing available, with no money down. One simple payment.

And the biggest most common deal, disposable.

Left, left, left. Oh! Finally a right. No response. They don’t like you back. One after another. Oh this one has potential, read bio. Drugs, sex, alcohol abuse, open marriage, non monogamous.

Dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig.

Someone responded!! Talk for 5 minutes before setting something to meet up. Set boundaries.

Meet. Expectations flown out the window immediately at handshake or greeting. Conversation stale, problematic, closed, accusatory, irritating. Made decision to never talk again, there would be no point, even as friends.

Open heart, needles. Open heart, needles. A smear of rust left with each step. A glimmer of hope, some Band-Aids applied. The open heart is weary but willing. The brain starts closing, fatigue has become too much. Meanwhile things around seemed to have turned a dull grey.

Focus on the color in the world, build the heart and mind again. The door may be closed now but it doesn’t have to lock.

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