Journal Update


Yes, I’m still here though things have gotten pretty hectic in real life land. A couple of updates, less so for the site but things just happening in general.

Number 1!

I have gotten a new job and it has been taking a lot of my time both on (and unfortunately) off the clock. So at this point in time I am currently working two jobs to make ends meet, which many people have to do now days. I am still writing, but it tends to be additions to longer pieces in which I have plans to publish in the future.

Number 2!

I’m dating again! It’s been a fun time meeting new people and going out to different places. I remembered how it feels to be turned down but also the excitement when someone actually wants to go out.

Number 3!

A short story of mine was nominated to be published! The publisher is Z Publishing House out of southeast Wisconsin. I am very excited to have been selected for their Emerging Writers of Illinois collection. Their communication and process was lovely and smooth. Everything has been edited and ready for publication. I recommend checking out their Emerging Writers series, including their Illinois edition. There are many great writers out there!

I think that’s all for now. Write fearlessly, read vigorously!

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