The Ballroom Dancer

Brown coils of hair waft down a lithe frame boosted by frills and bolts of pink. Her hand extends, waiting for a partner to come forward. Her eyes flash across the room looking for anyone to step forward. Each and every person refrains from making eye contact.

The lead purses her lips and nods at one young man. He shakes his head in protest, sweat accumulating on his brow. His eyes search for his partner who brought him. His partner shrugs an apology.

Heels rap against the wooden floor as someone approaches. The lead turns, coming face to face with a young woman in teal, who curtsies to her. The lead cocks her eyebrow taking in the woman.

“Jeanette,” says the woman.

“Rosario, charmed,” replies the lead.

Jeanette holds out her hand which brings out an amused grin. Rosario takes her hand, relinquishing lead. The music starts as everyone else watches on. Jeanette moves in time with the music, taking Rosario into dips and spins. As they continue, Rosario feels the warmth building in her cheeks and stomach until she can no longer contain herself. Her face relaxes and begins to laugh. Jeanette smiles, looking into her eyes.

“Just like old times, yes?”

“Except you’ve gotten better at this.”

“I had a good teacher.”

“And you have become lovelier.”

“So have you.”

The music comes to a close and Jeanette gives one final dip. Her blonde ponytail falls, brushing Rosario’s cheek as their lips press against each other.

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