Fractured 6

I walk down to the student parking and get into my car leaving the door open. Turning the key into the ignition, my car starts up, blasting hot air into my face from its vents. The steering wheel pulls at my palm leaving sweat against the leather. This morning the dorms sweltered like a sauna. A desert with its dry heat sounds more comfortable. The AC finally kicked in around 6 AM but didn’t seem to help. Pretty much anyone I speak to says they’re done with summer. I don’t blame them. Who willingly lives in this? I wonder how people in South America deal with the heat. Acclimation must actually be a thing. Human body be damned.

I pull the brown curls from my neck and put them up in a ponytail. The dial for AC is on but isn’t producing cool air yet. I remember one time my car made some ungodly noise when I turned the AC on. My dad said a belt needed adjusting, causing the high-pitched screeching. I thought belts were only things for pants, I never considered any other uses before. He showed me what the belt did to the pulleys on the different parts in my car. I didn’t really understand any of his explanation but I was happy to spend time with him.

I sit in my car pondering my choices. I could travel a couple hours to get home or I could visit the local bookstore? Of course the bookstore is the only option, functioning AC and the coffee shop added as a bonus. Home has a Keurig but it’s definitely not worth the drive or the headache my family tends to bring fussing over me. Besides, hundreds of books await my arrival, each seeming to scream ”buy me”. They are all so nicely lined up too. I want them all.

Cool air starts seeping through into my car. I close my door and windows creating a seal to trap the cold. I turn out of the parking lot, turning up the radio on 101.1 WKQX. The station used to be Q101 when I was younger, but then they changed. Luckily, it’s all the same and I adore it. I dial up the volume during a Nirvana song letting Kurt’s mellow voice carry me through the traffic.

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