Fractured 4

I step outside my room into the common area. Two of my roommates are huddled in front of the TV watching a show about who can sing the best. They both look like they have just woken up. Emma waves when she sees me.

“Good morning, sleepy. We have a few days before classes, why don’t you join us.”

“I’m working on homework, not sleeping. Didn’t you guys get any?”

Tori looks over at me as if I’m from a different world, “You seriously have homework already? What the hell kind of major do you have?”

“English. Writing and editing. Profs name is Templeton”

“My sister had him. He’s a complete dick bag. Like a total bag of dicks.”

Tori looks away as if she has said too much. Her dark hair conceals her face but seemingly focused on the TV. I look into the fridge. I see some fruit which most likely will not get eaten, a package of bacon from yours truly, the sodas as promised, and some various sauces, including the illustrious ranch, if you can call ranch anything. I grab a strawberry soda and close the fridge. Emma watches me from the couch with a knowing smile.

“They won’t kill you. But just a warning, they do taste pretty awful, but you do get used to it,” she says almost apologetic.

“Thanks for the confidence.“

“Believe me, I have lived with my parents long enough to know about their habits.”

“Yeah but what’s up with the health freak thing anyway?”

Emma laughs. Tori looks at Emma, expecting an answer as well.

“I mean, the easy answer is they want to be healthy. But I really think they want to live as long as they can. It’s no fun though, I’d much rather a cheeseburger with actual meat and cheese than a veggie one any day.”

“So you are normal?” Tori interjects.

“Whatever normal is. Sure!” Emma laughs again.

“By the way, where is Hayley? I haven’t met her yet.”

Tori looks back to the TV, as if bored of our conversation.

“Hayley said she was staying at her boyfriends. Speaking of, should we set up rules about men in the dorm?”

“I’m single,” I say.

“Not a problem,” Tori says not peeling her eyes off the screen. Emma gives her a look I can’t interpret.

“So Hayley is the only one who is dating at the moment. Go us,” Emma’s voice takes on a slight sarcasm, ”but hey, I think we can all agree. We can have whoever we want over as long as we don’t disturb each other.”

“No issue here,” I say, waving to the two before disappearing into my room.

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