Micro-fiction Monday

I am trying my hand at micro-fictions again. Trick is to use as little words as possible to come up with a plot line, which can be difficult to construct properly. A simple sentence does nothing but report on an occurrence, however, if there is something open to interpretation and has potential to lead into more story, that is really the point I want to hit.

I could say “she ran here”. Sure and it leaves it open to where she ran. But an underlying thought behind a more in depth story creates a different tone. “She ran, in hopes to outrun the darkness. His cruel hands coiling like snakes around her neck.” This gives a depiction of the evil and abuse as opposed to just running somewhere and leaves the story open for expansion. I’m definitely going to play with the idea more often and will likely post more micro-fictions, probably on Mondays for alliterative reasons.


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