Fractured 2

After a few minutes, I get to the library which houses the English department. The aroma hits my nose, old books, the musty smell all avid readers love. A quick walk around the side passage leads to the teacher’s offices. I read each name plate as I walk past, looking for the important one. I find my English advisor’s name plate, Dr. Templeton. A jagged edge almost cleaves off part of his name and a crude drawing scribbled below in sharpie.

I peer into the shoebox of a room. A bald man hunches over a computer screen, seemingly absorbed with whatever is on the screen. His face contorts into a grimace as he rubs his chin. I wrap my knuckles against the door but receive no response. I knock again, testing the handle. It’s unlocked so I open the door slightly.

“Excuse me, Dr. Templeton?”

“The closed door means I’m busy,” he says flatly, keeping his eyes on the screen.

“I’m sorry for the intrusion. I wanted to introduce myself.”

“Sorry is relative. But now I am thoroughly distracted from my work. What do you need?” He turns to me, face still scrunched.

“I wanted to introduce myself before classes started. You are my English advisor for this year.”

“What’s your name?”

“Cecilia Hawthorne.”

“Hawthorne? You don’t look like a Hawthorne.”

“What?” His words cut. Who else would I be?

“Nevermind, I don’t need another threatened lawsuit. Well, you introduced yourself. I’m Dr. Templeton, but you know that. We both have work to do before class begins. So, if you can close the door on the way out, I would appreciate it.”

I close the door and see him turn towards his screen. The office, small as it is, contains barely anything other than a desk, some books, and a picture frame with a blonde woman. Who was that in the photo? His wife? But who would partner with someone as mean as him? I look at his nameplate one more time, then to the scrawling below. I now understand why they drew this. A disgruntled student or perhaps a slighted coworker? Either way, the drawing perfectly describes him, a bald dick. So much for getting to know your professors.

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